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Ekspats is a recruitment company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with its offices located in the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Italy and Turkey. By providing qualified and right candidates Ekspats is dedicated to solve the issue of organisation of professional workforce occurring within in a world where there is a domination of internet and technology.


Ekspats automatically suggests suitable candidates and companies one another thanks to artificial intelligence of matching algorithm of Spark existing within Ekspats’ system. The need of suitable professionals by the companies is provided with the special network which is formed by European Education Consultant Company of EnglishTunes through its hundreds of students and graduates with universities and their careers centres.


Also Ekspats keeps chosen corporate companies, powerful organisations and government agencies with distinguished positions and internship opportunities in its pool for all the candidates who have applied. Through our exclusive works with those institutions, our candidates are one step ahead with recruitment process by being in the white list of those institutions with Ekspats reference.


Spark presents guidance within its platform for all of our candidates to find their strongest abilities, improve them and prepare our candidates to present themselves in the best way to HR departments for their waiting positions. For our candidates wishing to improve themselves academically, Ekspats also offers an opportunity of studying on a scholarship at Europe’s and word’s best universities with EnglishTunes privileges.