Privileges for References

Welcome to Ekspats! Our mission is to connect businesses with quality and highly qualified professionals who fit their unique needs. We are proud to collaborate with Turkey's and Europe's leading universities and work closely with their "Career Centers" and "Alumni Associations" to find the best candidates for our clients.


Our sister company EnglishTunes (An education consultancy company with 10 years of experience), we have an exclusive pool of candidates made up of graduates and masters from top-ranked universities in Europe and the world. We know that 100+ candidates enter the sector every year, and 100+ new students enter our pool annually. We are proud to say that more then 50% of our candidates have work experience, making them even more valuable to employers.These candidates know Europe well and are highly qualified, making them an ideal choice for businesses seeking top talents


Our partnership with Academica Applied Sciences University Amsterdam allows us to offer more than just job placement. We provide training and mentoring to professionals, shortening the integration process and making them more efficient in their roles.


Our Ekspats Spark algorithm is designed to match the candidates from our extensive network with the specific requirements of companies looking to fill a position. Using the Spark algorithm, we screen and qualify candidates, and the company can select the most suitable ones. We conduct the first online interviews and aim to recruit the three or four most suitable candidates for the position.


We are committed to delivering cost-effective solutions to our clients. We do not charge any membership or interview fees, and there are no screening or job opening limitations. We only charge a service fee after we have successfully placed the right candidate for the job.


At Ekspats, we believe in providing excellent customer service. Our Amsterdam and Vienna offices and consultants are always easily accessible to our clients.


Contact us today to learn how we can help you find the perfect candidate for your business.