Our Privileged Services

1. At Ekspats, we offer our candidates access to the most diverse and qualified job positions in a privileged way through special agreements with corporate companies and international organizations. We provide opportunities to our candidates that allow them to showcase their unique talents and gain employment at prestigious companies.

2. Our team at Ekspats provides expert guidance on preparing resumes, cover letters, and job applications. We understand the importance of standing out in a crowded job market, and our team works with each candidate to create a standout profile that highlights their unique strengths.

3. At Ekspats, we believe in empowering our candidates to secure distinguished positions and obtain the highest wages possible. We partner with leading organizations to identify top job opportunities and match them with candidates who possess the necessary skills and experience.

4. Our commitment to our candidates' success extends beyond the job market. To offer further support, Ekspats collaborates with the reputable institution of EnglishTunes to provide opportunities for post-graduate study on scholarship at the world's best universities. Candidates who reference Ekspats receive a 20% discount on EnglishTunes' services.

5. At Ekspats, we understand the importance of hands-on experience. Our candidates can organize both mandatory and voluntary internships at the world's most prestigious institutions to gain valuable insight into their desired career paths. This provides them with a competitive edge and the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities before applying for their desired position.

6. We provide temporary or contract employees to employers for short-term projects or to cover for employees who are on leave. This service provides employers with flexibility in their hiring needs while offering candidates valuable employment opportunities.

7. Our team at Ekspats offers career counseling services to job seekers to help them identify career paths that align with their interests, values, and skills. We understand that a fulfilling career is a vital component of a successful and happy life, and we are committed to helping our candidates achieve their dreams.

8. Ekspats is committed to the safety and security of our candidates and employer partners. We do not require a consulting fee until a mutual agreement is reached. This ensures that both parties can use the Spark platform safely and confidently.

9. For the open positions available through Ekspats, we provide a system that enables HR departments to conduct unlimited interviews and view candidate profiles to select the most suitable candidates for the position.

10. At Ekspats, we believe in matching the most suitable candidate to each open position. To achieve this, we combine our extensive pool of candidates with hundreds of Europe's best university graduates that we have closely advised as their consultant.

11. Thanks to our partnerships with leading universities and graduate associations worldwide, Ekspats presents chosen professionals at undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctorate levels directly to available positions within our platform. This offers unparalleled opportunities for talented candidates to secure high-profile employment.

12. Ekspats is committed to supporting the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We are dedicated to providing digital and innovative solutions to address the increase of irregular immigration and employment organization problems globally.

13. Our commitment to education is unwavering. We have established a privileged employment reference system that career centers of the most outstanding universities and graduate associations can use free of charge. This enables universities to offer candidates their own references to the world's most distinguished job positions, thereby contributing directly to the success of their students and graduates.