EnglishTunes Privileges

EnglishTunes is a consultancy company for European universities. It was established in 2013 and has been the most credible company within its field of foreign education consultancy.

EnglishTunes is the only consultancy company which works simultaneously with the countries of the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Within these countries EnglishTunes works with public universities that their education language is %100 English and within the first 500 in the world rankings. So far EnglishTunes has made over 250 students dream of studying undergraduate and postgraduate on a scholarship real and %87 of postgraduate, %9 of undergraduate and %4 of English or academic preparatory students constitute EnglishTunes’ student portfolio.

EnglishTunes offers Ekspats and Spark platform to all of its students free of charge. Likewise Ekspats candidates are offered an opportunity of %20 discount for consultancy fee by EnglishTunes.

If you also would like to get information about having %100 English education with scholarship in Europe’s and world’s best public universities and would like to pursue your dream career with careful steps, you can apply to EnglishTunes with Ekspats privileges.